CBD Patches 3 pk 40 mg each

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Applying a patch on areas where you experience aches and pains will allow you more focused relief.

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There are several different ways to use CBD. If you prefer topical products over ingestible products our patch may be the perfect product for you.

The patches will remain on the skin (They are seriously sticky), delivering CBD over an extended period providing a steady stream of relief.

This THC-free topical patch is an advanced infusion transdermal CBD delivery system that combines pure CBD essence with Lidocaine and Menthol for maximum efficacy for up to 8 hours.

40mg Hemp Oil Extract (Cannabidiol), 3% Lidocaine, 2% Menthol

If this is you applying a patch directly onto your skin instead of ingesting CBD orally

This is where a specially designed CBD patch can work its magic.

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Our Promise

Our goal is to provide high-quality products at affordable prices to everyone in the club. We 3rd party lab test everything to make sure it’s safe and that there is consistency with each batch. We don’t cut corners… We just cut out the middle man.

How to Use

Due to their transdermal delivery system, CBD patches work best when they have direct contact with the largest possible part of the affected area on clean skin.

  • Peel off the backing to the patch.
  • Apply to the skin. (The patch is very sticky so when applied to sensitive skin it can irritate the skin when taking the patch off.)
  • Leave on for up to 8 hours.


  • Perfect for those who want to avoid the taste of CBD
  • Gradually release of CBD over a period of 8-10 hours
  • THC free
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Up to 60% off retail pricing
  • Delivered directly to your door
  • Recurring deliveries
  • Organically grown sources
  • Raw materials from award-winning extraction facilities
  • Non-GMO Ingredients


Active Ingredients: 40 mg Hemp Oil Extract (Cannabidiol), 3% Lidocaine, 2% Menthol


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